Do you have a massage business or a massage hobby?

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Today I want to share with you one of the top business blunders that I see massage therapists making.

I see so many Massage Therapist’s treating their business like a hobby. A hobby is done generally in your spare or extra time. I know that a lot of us have to start part time and build, I totally get that, but a spare time business will be worked on inconsistently, and will have inconsistent results.

A business, has business hours. Yes, you pick them but once you do stick to it! Clients don’t want random availability, There’s a huge difference between part time and spare time! If you don’t have clients use that time to work on marketing, or getting your business systems set up.

A hobby has to be set aside for house chores, family obligations, and every little “fire” that needs to be put out.

A business comes first. Yes, we all need family time, but it’s also ok to say no, especially to lunch dates, coffee dates, and other people’s problems.

A hobby is done for fun. A business can be fun, we can even really like it, but there will be un-fun, hard challenges and bad days too. With a hobby we can quit for the day and go watch netflix! With a business, we tough it out, figure it out, and keep ourselves aligned and on the road to our goal/destination.

Are you running a hobby or a business?

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