Massage Business Plan Checklist

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Use this to help create your monthly budget, so you don’t forget anything.

If you are planning a new massage business use this checklist as you work on your massage business plan and budget. Obviously not every business will have all of these! THIS is the main reason I have moved over to an outcall practice, but I know that isn’t for everyone either. If I have forgotten anything let me know in the comments!

  1. ChecklistRent
  2. Utilities, electric, water, heat fuel
  3. Phone
  4. Internet
  5. Website fees
  6. Bathroom supplies
  7. Cleaning & Laundry supplies
  8. Massage supplies, cream, essential oils, sheets
  9. Replacing equipment and/or buying new
  10. Music subscription
  11. Business License
  12. Local taxes
  13. Continuing education
  14. Online scheduling program
  15. Books
  16. Liability insurance
  17. Renters Insurance
  18. Dues for networking groups
  19. Window washing
  20. Printed business materials
  21. Advertising
  22. Bookkeeper or Accounting fees (also bookkeeping program)
  23. Supplies for any specials,  spa services, or enhancements
  24. Water bottles, if you provide those or other beverages (tea, lemon water ect…)
  25. Credit Card processing fees
  26. License renewal
  27. Retail products & bags
  28. Gift certificates, supplies and processing (if you sell online)
  29. Seasonal plants and decorations
  30. Outside stuff – snow shovel, salt, yard work, plants (this may be taken care of by your landlord, be sure to ask!)

I hope this helps you get started with figuring out what all you need if you are thinking about going for it and starting your own business.

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  1. Marcy Smith, LMT

    I have been trying to log into your site for the last few days and can’t get in. Any suggestions?

    1. Gael Wood

      The way to register is to add the book to the cart and checkout. That link is for people signed up for classes. There isn’t anything you have to log in to see unless you are signed up for a class. I’m working on getting that fixed so it makes sense! Thanks! Gael

  2. Caran Kalish

    thank u !!! thats it caran kalish

  3. Jessica

    How much do you pay yourself? My accountant said 30%

    1. Gael Wood

      30% sounds reasonable, but it would all depend on your prices and costs. Can you ask him how he arrived at that percentage?

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