Massage and Spa Business Quick Tips: Follow Up!

Massage and Spa Business Quick Tips: Follow Up!

The Fortune is in the Follow Up! This is a saying used in network marketing, but it works in massage therapy too! (and probably every other business)
How can you follow up with your clients?
Keep an ongoing list of: people that say “wow, I should really get a massage sometime” clients that did not rebook at the time of service, anyone who says they want a gift card for your services or they need to buy, people that you meet at networking events, and all of your clients (this is usually through your newsletters) AND everyone who comments or contacts you on Facebook (reply to their comment, or send a message).

Make an effort to reach out and follow up with a few people per day, be very consistent! Just a short friendly message like ” Hi Susan! I just wanted to let you know about my specials this month. I would love to help you with those tight shoulders. It was great to see you at the chamber event. I have openings all next week. Take care.”

Easy peasy, don’t over complicate it!

Check out how follow up made me $30,000!!

$30,000 phone call from Gael Wood LMT Resources on Vimeo.

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