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The Fortune is in the Follow Up!

This is a saying used in network marketing, but it works in massage therapy too! (and probably every other business) How can you follow up with your clients?

Keep an ongoing list of:

  • people that say “Wow, I should really get a massage sometime”
  • clients that did not rebook at the time of service
  • anyone who says they want a gift card for your services or they need to buy
  • people that you meet at networking events
  • all of your clients (this is usually through your newsletters)
  • everyone who comments or contacts you on Facebook (reply to their comment, or send a message).

Make an effort to reach out and follow up with a few people per day, be very consistent! Just a short friendly message like, “Hi Susan! I just wanted to let you know about my specials this month. I would love to help you with those tight shoulders. It was great to see you at the chamber event. I have openings all next week. Take care.” Easy peasy, don’t over-complicate it!

Check out how follow-up made me $30,000!!

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