Massage Therapy Website Checklist – Create a Client Friendly Massage Website

Massage Therapy Website Checklist – Create a Client Friendly Massage Website

Here’s website a checklist for your Massage Therapy Website. I created this for a class, and I just thought I would share it with you today

Home page:  

  1. Inviting pictures (pictures of your location are great, but use stock photos until you can get really good ones).
  2. Descriptive welcoming copy describing who you help, how you help, and what they can expect from a session. Remember, it’s not about you it’s about the client and their experience. Think of the top questions your clients are probably asking and answer them on your home page.
  3. Monthly specials and/or new client offer.
  4. General location (town, neighborhood, area).
  5. Hours or Appointments Avail Links to other pages (services, FAQ’s, gift certificates).
  6. Link to facebook page, online booking, and online gift certificates (check out gift card cafe for those)


  1. Overview of services with description and prices.
  2. Inviting pictures
  3. Link to online booking or phone number
  4. Call to action: Book your massage now! Call us today! It’s time to take care of you!

About Page:

  1. This is where you can talk about how awesome you are and all of your expert training
  2. Include your location and hours again, a google map to your office is nice here too.
  3. Link to online booking or phone number

Contact Page:

  1. Have an email form or at least your email address, phone number and office address.
  2. Another link to online booking

Blog (optional)

  1. Post your specials here!
  2. Write short articles on different massage and health related topics (these can double as newsletter articles). Check out the Massage Marketing Content Club if you need help with this!
  3. Only include a blog if you can keep up with it, it makes your whole site look outdated if your last blog post was two years ago.

When you look at massage therapy website, try to look through a clients eyes, and get feedback from friends and family to try and find anything that might be confusing or unclear. Good luck! ~Gael~



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  1. Caryn Skupien

    This is a refreshing and dynamic website. I have one already from my professional organization.

    Perhaps would like to use it. I will let you know when I want to set this up.

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