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Customizing & Marketing with Facebook Covers

Remember that your Facebook cover is like a billboard! It should have your business name and tagline or contact information at minimum.

Facebook has made covers a little bit tricky, because they will be cropped on mobile or desktop, there’s no way to avoid this.

To keep it simple, we’ve provided templates to show you the “safe area” for adding your biz info and logo (see below right column). But use the clean copy (see below left column) when making your Facebook cover!

If you’re familiar with working with layers, you can use the blank transparent overlay templates. Download them here: 1640 x 922, 1640 x 624 or as a zip file. See Facebook Covers Tutorial below for detailed instructions.


Click to download individually or use the bulk download link above. Note that images will open in a new page. Use your right-click menus to download from there and then click back in your browser to return to this page.