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Support Black Business Resources

Source: August is National Black Business Month by Defender News Service, August 4, 2020 (

1. Buy directly from Black-owned businesses.

2. Check out Black business groups.

3. Use social media to find local Black-owned businesses.

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Shop Black-Owned Business

Gift Certificate Ad/Website Copy for Everyday

  • The ideal gift for any occasion!
  • Don’t worry about shopping for hours for the perfect gift
  • Beautifully wrapped or Instant Gift Certificate, the choice is yours.

Digital Gift Certificates for Everyday (for Emailing)

These are fillable pdf’s. Here’s a simple way to use them:

  1. Click each one and download as you would any pdf to a folder on your computer designated for gift certificates. For simplicity, don’t rename them during this step.
  2. To issue a new digital gift certificate, open the one you want, fill in the fields with your customer’s name, the service, your name and contact info, etc. (this works best on a computer rather than a cell phone)
  3. Next, save your newly filled out pdf digital gift certificate as a new file name! This will help with record keeping but also means you won’t copy over your blank and you will have a record of your gift certificate! If you don’t save it, you won’t have a record – this is old school file management, not cloud computing! 🙂
  4. Suggestion: You might want to name your digital gift certificates in a consistent way, such as “Mary Smith gift certificate 2018-11-1.pdf” or “Mary Smith Gift Certificate No. 214.pdf”

More Gift Certificate Templates