Coronavirus Bonus Content

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Bonus Courses & Training Resources

Making Your Own Spa Products

Creating An Online Course with Aromatherapy Content

Flash Sale Training

*Note: You will need an internet connection to access all the lessons in these trainings.

Making Your Own Spa Products

Instagram Training

Instagram Resources

Email Marketing Resources

MailChimp and Constant Contact are some of the most widely used, powerful email platforms in use today. MailChimp has a forever free option with limited features and for smaller mailings lists, and Constant Contact has a free trial. Both are more affordable than the higher tier mailing and contact management platforms, and more robust and reliable than the the less expensive platforms.

Simple Graphic Design Tutorials

Note: A free Canva account does not allow transparent background images which is key for a good logo. Watch the Follow-Up Logo Tutorial with Google Slides and the Pixlr Editor Training Slides for a few truly free options.