Minding your Massage Business

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Minding your Massage Business

Let’s face it, as massage therapists we tend to be very helpful, nice, and compassionate people! We want to help people and make them feel great. We work on their physical problems, and so much more! This is good stuff. We went to school, work hard, take classes, read books and professional journals, and hopefully are very good at what we do and have so much to offer to our clients.

Let me ask you this, do your clients know what you can do?

Do they know all of the services and products you have available?

Do they know that you have an opening every Thursday at 3, and you would just love to see them each week?

Do they know all of the awesome benefits of seeing them weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly?

Do they know about your package deals for regular clients?
Do they know about your referral rewards?
Do they know you would love to see their friends and family?
If your clients don’t know about all that you have to offer, why not?
Some of you probably answered yes to all of that. YOU probably have a full appointment book, and are free to leave!

The rest of us might be a little shy, reserved, cautious, worried, or just plain SCARED. All this talking, and tooting our own horns and (gasp!) SELLING does not come naturally to some us.

I mean what will people think? Am I being pushy? Salesy? Talking to much?  They did come here to relax after all, not listen to a sales pitch.  Plus the little voice in your head saying “oh, they can’t afford my massages regularly, I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable or or put on the spot, by asking them to reschedule.”
Obviously we wouldn’t want to be or do any of those things, but we won’t, we are nice after all.

Truthfully if someone feels put upon by being asked if they would like another massage in a week they just might have issues, and need a different kind of therapy.

I have several great techniques that will help you to increase your sales and re-bookings. Re-booking a client is SELLING them another massage! We can call it rescheduling or re-booking though, if that makes us feel better.

Here are my top three tips.

1. Ask your client to reschedule WITH an option (specific choices of times to rebook) and a reason WHY they should come back in. “I would love to see you again, I think we can make a big difference in the way those muscles feel in your shoulders. I would suggest another massage in a week. Can you come in on Thursday or Friday afternoon?”
Practice different wording, until you have something you are comfortable with.
Then just do it. You business will grow, I promise.

2. Don’t mind THEIR wallets!! I mean this, treat every situation as if there is all the money in the world, or no money involved at all, whatever makes you happier. The only person who knows what they can and cannot afford, and what their priorities are is the client. Let them decide, they can’t decide if you haven’t given them their options.

3. Take responsibility for your follow up, even if you work for someone else. Once that client is on your table it is up to you to make sure they understand the benefits of massage for their needs. It is up to you to make sure they know all of the services that you do, and what those services can do to enhance their health and life.

Have a great day, and share your massage business tips in the comments below! Gael