Money Mindset for Massage, Collecting Payments

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Do you feel like you are asking clients for money after a session? This can make some of us uncomfortable, after all we went into massage to help people, and collecting money might not be our favorite task. It can trigger our own financial insecurities and fears too.
I  want to remind you today to value yourself and what you do. This has been on my mind lately, because I had a few massage therapists ask me about being more comfortable collecting or “asking for money” after a massage session. Here is the truth. You are NOT “asking for money” you are very fairly RECEIVING payment for a valuable service. So smile and have confidence! I just say ” it’s $80 for today” that’s it. Easy peasy. If you don’t think your service is worth what you charge, look at that and figure out why you might feel that way.

Most people have money issues, I have been working with mine for years and I still do. Money is just paper, for real. It’s our current form of currency/energy and we have to exchange it for the things that we need and want. If we didn’t accept money from our clients then they would owe us for our time and energy spent working on them and they wouldn’t be able to truly relax and enjoy the session. It is balancing to accept money for your work. Think about it if you went to the grocery store loaded up on food and didn’t pay, wouldn’t you feel strange cooking and eating that food? Yes, because you didn’t GIVE in order to receive it. It’s an uncomfortable feeling to receive without giving, and you wouldn’t want to make your clients uncomfortable!

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