Mother’s Day Massage Marketing Ideas

Mother’s Day Massage Marketing Ideas

Mother’s Day is one of the major massage gift holidays of the year!

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

1. Create some unique specials. I like to have one lower priced option ($50-$60) two mid-priced options ($99-$125) and one or two deluxe specials ($199-$999). Remember to ADD value and then discount, rather than discount your regular prices.

2. Set a GOAL!! How many $99 specials do you want to sell? 20? 50? You can do it!

3. Make a promotional plan, and implement it! Plan emails to send out, print flyers, schedule 3-10 social media posts per day, and, ask your networking groups to promote your specials. Think about who you can network with and reach out. Who in your area has a big list that you would like to reach? Maybe the YMCA would promote your specials if you make a donation back from their member purchases? Keep asking, not everyone will say yes, just move on to the next one.

4. Have a contest or giveaway, to build excitement and grow your mailing list. Give your prize away a week before mother’s day so everyone that didn’t win will still have time to buy!

5. Get your marketing content together now! Print your gift certificate templates and collect your social media images.

If you need social Media Images, done-for-you blog posts and more, help is here! We post Mother’s Day images at least a month beforehand, plus seasonal and holiday images throughout the year

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