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Podcast Interview Round Up

I put all my massage and spa podcast interviews in one place so that you can listen any time.


USOLMT Podcast

Getting employers and employees on the same team is today’s theme. Interview with Gael Wood of Massage & Spa Success!

The Massage Boss Podcast

The Massage Therapists’ Business & Marketing Podcast

Gael Wood shares the 5 most common mistakes that therapists make when they are first starting out in business. And I have to admit, I STILL make some of these even after 12 years in business!

This episode is full of helpful tips and we go off track with loads of massage-specific business & marketing advice. This is a MUST listen for anyone running their own massage practice!!

Busy Hive’s Massage Podcast – The Truth about massage therapy.

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Make Money with Massage with Tim Cooper

It’s fair to say that not all massage businesses are created equal. So it stands to reason that some marketing strategies work better for some businesses than others.

That being said, the same principles of marketing apply to all businesses regardless of the product or services offered.

So you may say, “But my business is different.” There is no reason why you can’t adapt these concepts. Simply change the message to resonate with your ideal client.

Like many massage therapists, Gael believed that just getting her business cards printed was all she needed to get clients.

2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone

Another interview with our colleagues south of the border. Get your ears ready for this phone conversation we had with Gael Wood. Gael reached out and expressed an interest in sharing some of the cool things she’s up to. So check this out as we get to know Gael. We learn about her backstory, her career as a therapist, and how it evolved into (now, which is where she educates Massage and Spa Therapists in the areas of marketing, business start up, customer service, and spa services.

Spa Hive Podcast

Today we chat with World Massage Hall of Fame member Gael Wood as part of our tips and resources for massage therapists. Gael shares some real value bombs like:

  • how to get permission to make recommendations to your clients,
  • how to develop a script so you feel more comfortable recommending home care or re-booking,
  • and how to grow your business and your career.

Our massage therapists are our most valuable asset. However, we know that we are all not amazing business people. Gael gives applicable tips to boost business and sales effortlessly. She also provides great ongoing marketing resources that are so valuable for massage therapists.


Gael Wood has over 25 years of experience in the massage and spa industry. She has an immeasurable amount of knowledge and expertise in the art of growing and maintaining a thriving massage & spa business.

She now concentrates on coaching and teaching in the areas of marketing, business start up, online business creation, customer service, and spa services.

Gael was honored to be inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame and featured as a Massage Magazine All-Star in 2019. She co-hosts and co-founded the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summits. Additionally, she created the Massage and Spa Marketing Content Clubs, over 40 online courses, the Elevate Mastermind, and authored over 10 ebooks.

She lives in Boone, North Carolina with her husband Dave and son Santino.

Check back for more podcast interviews about massage and spa success.

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