Do you need to know who your “ideal massage client” is?

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“Ideal client” it’s such a buzz word and honestly it used to bug me. Everyone needs a massage not some fake person I’ve created as an “ideal client”! There is some sense to this ideal client business after all.

I think of it more like the clients most likely to come see me regularly. It’s good to figure that out so you can figure out what events to do, who to target on Facebook for advertising, your location, and much more!

Ask yourself these questions to get started:

Who in your area can easily afford regular massage?

If you have clients in your practice that can afford weekly massage (or any regular schedule) then you can fill in openings with occasional clients and donate sessions as you see fit. If you don’t have a base of clients that can afford regular sessions, then you don’t have much of a business.

What hours do you want to work? Who is most likely to be able to see you during those hours?

I had a false belief for many years that I would starve if I didn’t work weekends! Not true at all! Many people are off weekdays: shift workers, stay at home moms, retired people, business owners. Decide when YOU want to work, so you can build a business that works with your lifestyle.

What is your specialty?  Who do you feel most connected with?

Lastly, where do your clients live, shop, hang out, hang out online?

That’s is where you should focus your promotional efforts.

None of these answers rule anyone out! This is just to give you some direction. I focus mostly on retired people from Florida, and local business owners. I have clients from college students to daycare workers too (but I couldn’t pay my bills with just them). So I focus on attracting my “ideal clients” and everyone else is welcome too!

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