YOU are not STUCK, in that job or in anything!

YOU are not STUCK, in that job or in anything!
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Do you ever just have a feeling of being stuck? Maybe in a routine, a rut, life circumstances? Of course, we all do!!
But, guess what? You. Are. Not. Stuck.

You might feel stuck. You might not know what to do, or what step to take next, but it’s there. There is a way out.
If you are stuck, it’s your mind that is keeping you there. In that loop, where you can’t see the bigger picture, and the way out.

My mind told me a story for 25 years, it said “you can’t write. You aren’t good at writing. Other people are good at writing.” So I was stuck because I believed the crap in my own mind! I still qualify my writing, “Well, I’m not really a writer. It’s just 5 little books. I only write about business it’s not REAL writing.” See? I’m still a bit stuck, but at least I’m moving, and writing, and doing. I’m less stuck! 🙂

I’m less stuck everyday, because one day I decided to try and I started a “little blog.” What do you need to try? Where are you stuck?
Just make a move, it doesn’t have to be the right one, but you will be moving!! Movement = unstuckness.

OK, your move.

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