How to not be successful in your massage career, in 10 easy steps.

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We have all made some of these mistakes at some point in our careers. Then we learn, right? I wrote this based on the most common mistakes I see therapists making (and I have made myself!).

Don’t let this be you, take responsibility and take action and have the career you planned on when you went to massage school!

1. Don’t ask clients to rebook or explain the value of massage to them. They should already know this, if they want to rebook they can ask.

2. Answer your phone with “hello” and when you don’t know your schedule, and when you are at the lake with your entire family. People like not knowing if they called a business.

3. Ask clients to rearrange their appointments around your schedule.

4. Talk about yourself during sessions a lot.

5. Give clients the massage you think they need not the massage they asked for.

6. Blame your boss and the economy for all of your problems.

7. Do nothing to market yourself except posting on Facebook.

8. Change jobs every 2-3 months.

9. Don’t ask clients above pressure or comfort, if they are uncomfortable they can speak up!!

10. Don’t study business, because you aren’t in this for the money. Money is for losers. You can show the world how your not about the money by never having any.

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