Opportunities for Teaching Infant Massage in Your Community

Opportunities for Teaching Infant Massage in Your Community

Opportunities for Teaching Infant Massage in Your Community

I want to share with you some of the different opportunities out there with teaching infant massage in your community.

When my daughter was little, I used to take her around town and we would teach infant massage as a team. I would bring my own baby and share the gift of massage with different groups in the community.

I taught at several different new mom’s groups in town and then when I got the opportunity to teach in a massage school I taught the infant massage class there so that’s my background with it. I also have taken some continuing education and advanced classes on infant massage but I don’t think you have to have that in order to teach parents to massage their own babies. It really is a very intuitive thing. Mothers, of course have been massaging their little ones since the beginning of time!

It’s nice to be able to share with parents some of the different massage strokes they can do and specific things to help calm babies that are having stomach ache or just feeling fussy. I know a lot of new parents don’t feel confident really to handle the tiny little babies that they get sent home from the hospital with.

There are lot of opportunities to teach infant massage! Of course, you know, community classes like I did in my area. You might even be able to teach other health professionals, like nurses or lactation consultants. Of course you can teach parents in a one-to-one setting as a service offer in your place of business or going into the home. You can even teach an expecting parent using a baby doll!

This is something I think would make a lovely baby shower gift or you could go to a prenatal classes and teach the expecting parents there, then they can go home with their handouts and their information. When they bring their baby home they’ll already have all of that information and they’ll have a tool to soothe their baby and interact with their baby and bond with their baby. They could always call you if they feel like they need more information or want you to come and show them in a little more detail on their real baby.

What a great way to bring healthy touch to the littlest people and to help parents bond with their children, which I think in this day and age of cell phones and devices is very important.

Some of these opportunities would-be money-making opportunities for you and then some of them would be volunteer and giving back opportunities which, in my experience, has always led, in some way or another to improving my business and getting new clients even though it might not be the purpose of doing that volunteer work.

I think that teaching infant massage is such a great add-on to almost any practice, that I created a class to help you get started. In this class, I go into detail about exactly how to go through and teach a class, and how to get your information together and start reaching out to people about teaching classes. I’m going to actually give you a full lesson plan for teaching your infant massage class that you can then adapt or change a little bit or customize for your needs, and a demo video to help you develop a routine.

Teaching Infant Massage

Learn to Teach Infant Massage Online Workshop!

What could be more rewarding than helping new parents bond with their babies through sharing the gift of touch. ❤

You can teach infant massage to pregnant couples, new parents classes at your local hospital, health department or community center, at your office or at a home visit. 🙂

Being a new parent is STRESSFUL and infant massage is a great way to sooth a fussy baby, play with baby, and develop a loving bonding routine.

In the workshop you will learn:

  • How to find and approach groups in your community to teach infant massage, boost your expert status and help new families!
  • How to offer infant massage in your office to new parents.
  • An overview of infant massage and full routine, and hand outs that you can use to teach your class.

Plus Bonuses to help you get started:

  • Benefits of infant massage blog post for your website, newsletter or printed materials $75 Value
  • Infant Massage Class Handouts & Routine $100 Value
  • Done for you Sales Flyer and Swipe Copy  $99 Value
  • Sample letter of introduction to get your classes booked $50 Value
  • Beautiful Professional Promotional Images $50 Value
  • Demo video of infant massage on a doll!

This class is a replay. You will get all of your bonuses right away.

Learn more >> Teaching Infant Massage to New Parents and Community Groups

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  1. Jay

    Is this training all on line?

    1. Katy Morikawa

      Yes, this course is an online course. Instruction is by way of an audio lesson and a video demo with handouts and other Word and pdf document resources to help you put your class together and market it.

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