Gift Certificate Sales Planning for Success!

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When you plan for gift season, you can be there for last minute shoppers with a memorable gift–massage gift certificates or skincare gift cards… and build your business!

Gift Certificate Sales Planning

People have enough to do to prepare for the holidays and so anything that you can do, as a business, to make life easier for them is likely to be appreciated. The only down side is that in order to catch the frantic shoppers who rely on last minute gifts like gift cards, you have to be organised well in advance!

Gift cards give your spa or massage center are a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on your clients’ last minute enthusiasm. Here are a few key areas that you need to be aware of to help you make this holiday season your most profitable ever for gift certificates.

Understanding Your Customers

It’s such a cliché but really getting to know your target market all year round will lead to increased gift certificate sales when the Christmas season hits. If you’re a savvy business owner, you’ll already have been undertaking customer research so you’ll know who you’re marketing to and what they want. A successful gift card program is based on information you’ve gathered throughout the year, and helps you determine things like offers, price points and your most loyal clients (to offer loyalty bonuses and discounted cards to.)

Program Performance Metrics

If you sell gift certificates all year round, you should already have a good understanding of whether your gift card program is headed in the right direction. Check your figures on percentage of gift certificate sales to total sales and monitor your sales to increase your gift card program’s share well before the Christmas/holiday rush. Are you set up to sell and book online? Convenience is key to many consumers so if you’re heavily promoting the eCard experience, make sure you back it up by having the tech in place for recipients to redeem a card and book their chosen services online as well as making it easy for the person gifting the card to pay for it.

Are you ready to make THIS the year you reach your gift card sales goals?

Massage Gift Certificate planning and Skincare Gift Card planning take some time and thought!

Employee Buy In

If you have employees in your business, you need to train them and get them on board before the holiday rush. Imagine that a staff member is trying to assist a customer who doesn’t know what she wants to buy a friend or family member as a gift; rather than letting the client leave empty-handed, they need to know how to steer the sale towards the flexibility and convenience of a gift certificate. This gives you another sale and keeps the client happy. Even better, see if you can train them to upsell so that not only do they sell one gift card, they also create the possibility of selling a gift card to the client to use for themselves – adding a discount ‘two-for-one’ deal for example. If you and your team are confident in selling your best gift card offers, you’ll impress the clients and sell more. 

As the holiday season approaches, in addition to the physical preparations (buying or printing your gift cards and presentation envelopes, setting up the displays and making sure the online sales portals are working) make sure that your business mindset is prepared.

Your customers will love their massage gift certificate or their skincare gift card, and your gift card recipients could become regular clients!

Everyone will be competing for ways to stand out at this time of year; with some good planning your spa or massage business will be well-placed to boost sales of gift cards programs to the next level.

Are you ready to make THIS the year you reach your gift certificate sales goals? The Massage and Spa Marketing Content Clubs can help!

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