Prepaid Massage or Spa Packages Are Money in the Bank!

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Prepaid massage or spa packages are in fact money in the bank, but are you using them to your best advantage? Check out my pros and cons and learn how to make yours a money maker instead of a hassle.


  1. Cash upfront. This is money you can use to pay your monthly expenses, and budget for your business. This is especially true if you sell packages of 10 sessions.
  2. Clients who buy packages of 10 sessions usually book regular or standing appointments.
  3. Some prepaid clients are more likely to purchase upgrades and retail. They aren’t spending any “real” money when they come in so it doesn’t feel like as much to upgrade.
  4. Prepaid services create client loyalty! Sometimes it can feel like there is a massage therapist on every corner giving a discount. If you have already paid for sessions somewhere, that is YOUR massage therapist!


  1. You will have times when there is a lot of money coming in and times when it feels like you are working for free. You will have to have a budget and a plan!
  2. If for some reason it’s not working out with a client, you are kind of stuck with them through the end of the package. Exception: extreme cases such as inappropriate behavior, then just send a refund and out they go!
  3. People will try to push your boundaries, they will want refunds, gift certificates and all kinds of exceptions made for them! To avoid some of these common problems check out this article: Avoid problems when selling pre-paid massage packages with these tips.

To me the advantages of prepaid packages far outweigh the disadvantages. I prefer to give a bigger discount $10-$15 for purchasing 10 sessions. This sells better than a $5 discount in my area. $5 is hardly worth worrying about anymore, clients are looking for value.

Some alternatives to prepaid packages are loyalty or membership programs.

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Have a wonderful and prosperous day! Gael

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  1. diana

    I offer packages of 3 and 10. I also offer a Rebooking Discount giving a $10 discount if next massage is bookd within 6 wks. Instituted it over the summer and it is working pretty well.

  2. libby

    Are you giving them $10 off each massage or the total price? I offer packages but not a package of ten. my best selling package is buy 3 get the 4th free. my largest package is buy 6 get a 90 minute hot stone for free. After reading this I feel like I am discounting too much

    1. Gael Wood

      I give $10 off each massage, but you have to buy 10 to get it!

    2. Marvin

      Dear Libby,

      Why are you discounting ???. You are worth the money you are asking, Otherwise go for the more affluent clients. This is also what multi-millionaire marketeer Dan kennedy teaches.

  3. Jose Cruz

    Hi my name is Jose, I like the idea of sale packages but my problems is that some of my clients buy their massages and I never see them again. I usually call them or send remainders about massages, but they just don’t respond. So this is what I think will work set a small contract that make it clear that the pack has a expiration date and that this is a package that can be share with families and friends.

    1. Gael Wood

      Great idea!

  4. J

    Does anyone know if it is legal to have an expiration date for the packages? I am in California – I know our laws are different. The spa I am in has been open 11 years and I still have clients coming in with discounted pre-paid packages from 2006! The prices have changed and it is almost a loss to redeem the packages. I realize that while I might not be able to do anything about the packages sold in the past – but maybe I can avoid this in the future. Any thoughts from any spas in Ca?

  5. An

    In California, gift cards and gift certicates do not have expiration dates. In other words, no expiration dates.

  6. danielle

    In Florida we are not allowed to put an expiration date on packages or gift certificates but I do put please use with in X amount of time. People automatically think that is an expiration date with out saying it. I offer packages of 3 and 6 for right now.

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