50 Ideas for Massage & Spa Promotions Ebook


Do you need some fresh ideas for Massage Specials and Promotions?


Do you need some fresh ideas for Massage Specials and Promotions?

Specials can bring in new clients, give you something to promote and talk about (especially on social media), and help you to create services unique to your business.

  • Never run out of new ideas!
  • Plan your promotions months in advance
  • Bring in new clients
  • Reduce or stop discounting by adding value instead
  • Have FUN creating your unique specials
  • Includes, New Client Specials, Monthly Specials, Holiday Specials, and much much more!
  • Includes links to two training videos!

What people are saying:

“Wow. What an amazing resource. Your ideas are great and cover so much stuff that I have never even thought of but are essential things when running this type of business. I love the gift certificate package. So much more exciting than as you say “oh here is a certificate…”. Thank you very much. Having not been in this business for ages, this gives me much food for thought about setting up again.” –Leah Colman, Reflexologist

“I can definitely see this book being very useful for massage therapists who are new to marketing plus I liked the theme ideas offered and it has definitely made me think where I can upgrade what I offer.” –Elizabeth (Lizzie) Plant, Massage Therapist

“As a massage therapist who’s just starting out in her own business I thought your E-book was fantastic. So many practical ideas on how to improve the services I offer, and some amazing tips on how to avoid pitfalls with gift vouchers, and pre-paid massage packages too. Your voice of experience really shines through! Money well spent (I purchased your E-book before you put out the call for reviews, think it’s worth more than the $5 I paid!).Thanks for sharing your knowledge.” –Zoe Nicholson, Massage Therapist

You can download and keep this resource for quick promtions ideas at your fingertips anytime. This ebook includes examples, video tutorials, and lots of fun and creative ideas!

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