Build Your Massage Outcall Business



Thinking about starting a massage outcall biz or adding housecalls to your practice? Then read on!

I get asked about massage outcalls ALL the time! Personally I think it’s a great way to get a massage business going with low overhead and I have always enjoyed doing out calls. Read this article on why I love outcalls.

We will get your Massage Outcall Business planned and launched. This 7-part class includes video and audio classes, and worksheets covering outcall business start-up, from supplies to prices, to safety and marketing. At the end, you will be ready to ROLL.

This course is designed to be taken over a four week period, however you get everything all at once so that you can work at your own pace.

  • Lesson 1 Intro and Overview
  • Lesson 2 Who needs/wants house-calls, and finding your ideal clients
  • Lesson 3 Your set up, supplies, paperwork, staying organized, tips and tricks!
  • Lesson 4 Arrival and set up, being in people’s home & personal spaces and professional boundaries
  • Lesson 5 Safety!
  • Lesson 6 Marketing and Promotions
  • Lesson 7 Chair/Onsite Massage and Special Events and putting it all together, taking action and getting started

Plus you get my Massage and Spa Marketing Ideas and Implementation Ebook as a bonus!

Massage and Spa Marketing Ideas and Implementation by Gael Wood