Decluttering Deep Dive with Gael Wood Feng Shui Consultant


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Starting January 6, 2020!

 Ring in the New Year with a whole house declutter! It’s 2020 and it’s time to let go of the old and make room for the new. Decluttering helps us to look at our needs, priorities, and create spaces that support our current goals, lifestyle and family priorities.

Whether you declutter regularly and it’s time for a once over, or you are ready to dive in for the first time, this 6 week program is for you.

  • Clutter effects our lives on multiple levels. Subconsciously it creates a to do list that nags away at us and can keep us from fully enjoying life because we “should” be dealing with this stuff.
  • Clutter slows us down when we can’t find what we need, we waste time looking, we waste time redoing things, and we waste money buying things we don’t realize we already have.
  • Holding on to things we don’t need can keep us from moving forward in life. Clearing out old things clears space for new upgraded possessions, and life opportunities.
  • Letting go of physical clutter can help us to let go of the past, including old belief systems, sad or difficult memories and we can more easily move forward.
  • Clearing clutter activates the universal principle of flow and balance, our abundance needs to flow out so it can flow back to us. When we hold onto things we no longer need or serve us we will be out of balance.

We will dive deep into your clutter and your mindset as we clear every area of your home including:

  • Kitchen and Pantry Clutter
  • Closets (clothes, linens, storage)
  • Bedrooms (yes, even the kids rooms!)
  • Dining Room and Living Room
  • Bathrooms
  • Home Office and Paper Clutter
  • What to do with your STUFF to keep as much as possible out of the landfill
  • How to handle resistance from family members
  • Letting go of gifts, expensive items, and our purchasing mistakes without guilt and shame

We won’t cover basements or garages as a group, but you will develop the skills you need to easily tackle those areas on your own.

I have two fun challenges planned that will help you make your investment back on this class in no time at all.

I’m also including two special bonus workshops:

  • Digital Decluttering Workshop
  • Feng Shui Affirmations for Your Home
  • And a Clear the Chaos planner you can use again and again!

Stop the procrastination and join us for this fun and life changing program.

Program details:

  • Each week we will have a video lesson covering our area of focus with checklists to keep you focused.
  • You are invited to join our Decluttering Deep Dive Facebook Group for support, encouragement and Q & A.
  • Our Declutter Deep Dive Facebook group will keep you motivated and accountable. Post your goals, items you get stuck on, and before and after photos in the group for for any help you need and to celebrate your wins!
  • You’ll also have a full year of access to the replays and content, download them for lifetime access.

YES, you do have time to declutter, everyone is invited to work at their own pace, whether it’s filling a few shopping bags per week or renting a dumpster, progress is progress.