The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing and Testimonial Toolkit


Create Your Email Marketing Strategy, Templates, and Newsletters with this step-by-step program!

Email marketing is key to getting clients in the door, but I see so many therapists avoiding it because they “don’t want to bother people”, aren’t sure what to say, aren’t sure how often to email, and get frustrated with the formatting and tech side of things. It’s time to figure it out and create YOUR unique and aligned plan to take advantage of this affordable marketing tool to fill your book every week.

This program will:

• Empower you to reach out to your list, and stop leaving money on the table!

• Help you to become confident and proud of emailing, not afraid to press send

• Teach you the “tech” so your newsletters take just minutes to create

• Create a strategy that feels in alignment with your goals and your business

• Plan 3-6 months of emails and get them scheduled

• Set up easy-to-use templates so you aren’t starting from scratch every time!

• Show you how FUN email marketing can be

• Get you RESULTS, clients in the door and money in the bank

In addition, you will get these valuable bonuses:

Building Your Business with Testimonials Video Class

15 Testimonial Templates to share your reviews