Massage & Spa Client Attraction Boot Camp


Take your marketing from 0 to 100! If you aren’t booked solid, Bootcamp is for you!



Are you just starting out in your business? Maybe some of your regulars have dropped off? It happens. Are you tired of working SO HARD, and just barely getting by? Building a clientele can be difficult, especially if you are on a budget. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to do next… Let’s do this together! And get your clients on the table.

Here’s What You Get:

  • 30 information-packed lessons with new ideas and action steps to get clients in the door, and keep them coming back!
  • practical tips and assignments
  • inspiration and additional resources
  • worksheets and guides
  • video lessons
  • tracking sheets, so you can see your results and success!
  • 50 Ideas for Your Massage or Spa Facebook Page ebook $9.95 value

Here’s the thing though, you will have to take action, possibly even step outside your comfort zone….. But I know you can do it. You will get my tried and proven techniques for getting clients in the door, blowing them away with your services, plus getting referrals too. I’ve built up several massage and spa businesses over the past 20 years. If I can do it, you can too!

Your 30 Content-Rich Lessons Cover:

  • In-person networking YES
  • Your printed marketing materials DONE
  • Creating a client friendly website DONE
  • Building your newsletter list DONE
  • When and how to GIVE your services to build your business
  • FREE internet business listings
  • Social media and Facebook marketing SIMPLIFIED
  • NEW content for Estheticians!
  • Rebooking and building your clientele with repeat clients and raving FANS!
  • And MUCH more!

Plus, You Get These Bonuses:

  • Rack Card Templates for Massage and Spa $59 value
  • Rebooking Your Massage Clients webinar $19 value



When does the Boot-Camp start?

This is a self paced course that you can start right away.

Who should take this course?

Any Massage Therapist, Esthetician, or wellness professional who is ready to take action, learn new things, and get more clients!

Who is teaching this class?

Me! I’m Gael Wood, and I have been a Massage Therapist and Esthetician for 20 years. I have run a successful Therapeutic Massage office, a Day Spa, and currently a mobile massage business. I LOVE business and marketing and have studied it for years, and now I want to share what works with other therapists. I am also a NCBTMB approved continuing education provider, author and online entrepreneur.

What will I get?

A 30 day E-course that you get as a downloadable pdf right away. Each day has videos, articles, ideas and assignments to get your business going, and new massage clients on your table. This is only for people that want to work hard and get their massage or spa biz thriving!

Is the boot-camp different than my Ebooks?

YES! It is loads of new information not in my e-books, although some of the topics overlap, Bootcamp is SO MUCH more detailed.

For example, in my marketing Ebook I recommend creating a rack card or flyer and distributing it in your town or area. In Bootcamp we create the flyer, with samples that I give you (and learn about writing flyers that get results), we get it printed, we get it delivered (and get into what to say when doing this and self-confidence and mind set too). SO MUCH more detail.

Another example is that we spend two days on Facebook. I’ve grown my Facebook page from 900 to over 10,000 in six months. Facebook works, but it takes know how and trial and error. I help you figure it out!

What people are saying about Bootcamp

“Before taking this course, I was failing. My business was barely keeping me above water. I was constantly stressed about how I was going to pay the next bill. Since taking the Marketing and Mindset Bootcamp (part of the Thriving Therapist Mastermind), my business has grown! My website is maintaining new, unique visitors weekly. My weekly client base has DOUBLED! This group has continually helped to challenge me and changed my thinking with marketing myself. Gael is an AMAZING leader! She demands a lot of her students. She keeps a really good pace in the teachings. She is so open and willing to share her experience and knowledge. She opens doors in your mind and gives confidence and ideas to grow yourself. Not only as a person, but also as a business owner! Even though bootcamp is completed, I am still growing! I love her Facebook group. Everyone in the group is open and willing to help with questions and “road blocks”. I have found so much value in this bootcamp. It is definately worth the investment of your time and money. You WILL grow. You WILL be better. Your BUSINESS will explode!!! Thank you so much Gael for helping me save my business.” –Laura Hickman, Tender Elements Massage

“Last year I did the Marketing Bootcamp, my 5 year goal was to quit my job and be fully independent. I hit my 5 year goal this week…I will be fully independent and a business owner. You were one of the sparks that lit the fire, and I couldn’t be more grateful!” –Elanor Sung

“I just want to say “Thank you” again! This bootcamp has changed my business. I am busier now that I have been in a really long time. I am still behind (financially) and broke, but I am getting caught back up! It is GREAT to be able to pay the bills AND have the money to invest back into my business. Or allow the kiddo to grab something she wants at the store. Thank you so much!!” –2017 Boot Camp Graduate

“Gael has very valuable information in her Boot Camp and business coaching. My business is thriving thanks to Gael!” –Ann Bell, Massage Therapist

“This Boot Camp will help you recognize what you have been missing to promote your beautiful massage business. With her simple, step-by-step guidance, Gael Wood will get you moving on marketing in ways that resonate with you and your unique business. And Boot Camp is a phenomenal value. Packed with content all at a great price. I highly recommend you get on board.” –Pamela Herrick, Thai Massage Therapist, Teacher and Writer, Bamboo Thai Massage

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