Teaching Massage Training Toolkit


On Sale through Monday June 1, 2020!

This Teaching Bundle includes 3 of my most popular courses:

  • Learn to Teach Couples Massage
  • Teaching Infant Massage to New Parents and Community Groups
  • Launch Your Massage CE Teaching Career



This class is for Massage Therapists who want to add a FUN new service to their businesses, teach group community classes, and share the benefits of massage in a new and exciting way! I taught community classes and couples massage classes for years and loved it. Now you can take what I’ve learned and create your own unique new service: couples massage classes!

You Will Learn About:

  • Business implications – will teaching couples massage lose you business?
  • Where to offer classes and different ways to offer this class
  • Teaching and presentation skills and tips
  • Setup, supplies, and spaces
  • Designing your class using the included class outline and handouts as a starting point
  • Pricing
  • Marketing your classes – marketing materials, marketing activities, community networking, and ideas for creating win-win marketing opportunities in your community
  • Ideas for creating other kinds of community massage classes
  • Resource links for pricing and a demo class video

You will receive:

  • The webinar replay (70 min.)
  • Presentation slides to accompany the webinar
  • A four hour class lesson plan
  • Class handouts on: What we will learn, Creating a relaxing massage environment, Basic massage techniques, Benefits of massage, and Massage contraindications

Plus I’m including marketing bonuses that you can use to promote your classes!

  • A done-for-you article on the health benefits of partner massage $35 Value
  • Sample sales copy for for your website, flyers and service menu $49 Value
  • Images to use on social media, your website, and newsletters $49 Value

If you have been wanting to add a unique new service to your business, another income stream and save your hands, this is it!


What could be more rewarding than helping new parents bond with their babies through sharing the gift of touch. <3

You can teach infant massage to pregnant couples, new parents classes at your local hospital, health department or community center, at your office or at a home visit. 🙂

Being a new parent is STRESSFUL and infant massage is a great way to sooth a fussy baby, play with baby, and develop a loving bonding routine.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to find and approach groups in your community to teach infant massage, boost your expert status and help new families!
  • How to offer infant massage in your office to new parents.
  • An overview of an infant massage class with full routine, and hand outs that you can use to teach your class.


  • Benefits of infant massage blog post for your website, newsletter or printed materials $75 Value
  • Infant Massage Class Handouts & Routine $100 Value
  • Done for you Sales Flyer and Swipe Copy  $99 Value
  • Sample letter of introduction to get your classes booked $50 Value
  • Beautiful Professional Promotional Images $50 Value
  • Demo video of infant massage on a doll!

This class is a replay of the live webinar.


Attention Experienced Massage Therapists!

You’ve been at this awhile, and you are ready for the next step in your massage therapy career because you have knowledge and gifts to share…. BUT you just aren’t quite sure exactly how to get started with teaching massage continuing education classes. Our profession NEEDS good CE classes, how many times have you sat through a class or online recording bored, uninspired and knowing that you can do better?

The NCBTMB applications can be intimidating and a little confusing, you might be wondering what exactly you should teach, and how to organize it all….not to mention every state has their own regulations!

You are ready, that’s why you are here. We just need to sort out the details! You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. This 6 week intensive course is designed to help you get started with teaching NCBTMB approved massage continuing education courses!

In 15 in-depth video lessons, we will cover:

  • Meeting the application requirements and getting it filled out and sent in!
  • What exactly you should teach, and generating ideas.
  • Submitting your classes for NCBTMB approval in detail including your learning objectives, and learning outcomes.
  • Teaching basics, organizing your content (lesson plans) and making your classes fun.
  • Handling classroom problems.
  • How to get your classes online and automated for a passive income stream, aka “make money while you sleep!”
  • Creating Certificates and keeping your records organized, as required by the NCBTMB.
  • Marketing and filling your classes for maximum profits and impact!

I do not like to follow the rules, and I do not like jumping through hoops and being “regulated” BUT I do love teaching massage therapists, traveling and making great money. You will too!

Are you ready to make more money, and launch a new and exciting career? CE providers are needed in almost every state, and you can even run fun and lucrative retreats!

Sign up today and launch the next step in your massage career. You will receive a downloadable pdf with links to the video lessons and downloadable class resources which you can work through at your own pace with an internet connection.