The 10K Club for Massage Therapists 6 Week Online Class



What if you could add $10,000 to your income in the next year?

I know that isn’t exactly millionaire’s row, but it sure could make life easier, less stress-full and more fun!

  • How about a nice vacation? Yes, please! Paying off bills or even starting your own business? Yes, you can!
  • You WILL have to do the work, $10,000 doesn’t just fall out of the sky, but it is 100% DOABLE!

I’m sure you started in massage to make a difference in people’s lives, I know I did! I had plans to ride around in my van, giving awesome massages and making lots of money. Ha! Clients were not exactly blowing up my phone, so I had to figure out how to let them know about me.

Little did I know I would fall in love with marketing and figuring out new ways to make money and be successful. I’ve been operating massage businesses and working in spas and resorts for 20 years, and I love teaching these game changing, life changing, money making, business building systems!!

This is not about “sell sell sell” or seeing tons of clients and having no life. This is about getting your ideas generated, implemented and taking quick action to increase your income and create the life and biz you were dreaming of when you went to massage school.

It’s consistently showing up, being your best and applying your new skills. It’s trying different things to see what works for you in your space and business. AND it’s having the confidence and support to GO FOR IT!!

Maybe you are getting discouraged, maybe you are working two jobs, or you just want to upgrade your life while doing what you love! If that is the case then you are in the right place! We will work together, and get your plan sorted out and bringing in the money.

So what is holding you back? Some of us get stuck on generating ideas, lots of people get stuck on taking risks & FEAR, and a whole bunch of us get stuck on perfection/details/content, putting yourself out there…..

Do any of these sound like you? Then, LET’S GET UNSTUCK and start TAKING ACTION!!

Here’s how we will get there:

  • 14 audio lesson plus worksheets to plan how you can start right away to increase your income.
  • Includes the Massage and Spa Marketing Ideas and Implementation ebook

It’s your time, stop struggling, and start thriving!