What does it really take to be successful?

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What does it really take to be successful, and is it selfish or greedy to want to be incredibly successful?

When I think back over the businesses that I have created, I really think that the key to my success was effort, the amount of effort that I put in, into learning, implementing and staying with it. I didn’t contact 2 bed and breakfasts, and feel all good and pat myself on the back, I contacted 20, and the next day I contacted 20 hotels! I didn’t print up a nice rack card and put in in 10 locations, I put it in a 100 locations, and I kept going. Most people underestimate the time, money and effort that it takes to reach their goals. I’m reading a book about this right now, The 10X Factor by Grand Cordone, and it’s so cool to realize YES, this is what I’ve been talking about and doing! But, I could apply this thinking to more areas of my life and business.

I remember hosting an event that I invited 100 hotels, B&B’s and rental companies to. Three showed up. One group was college interns, one was somebody who just wanted a free facial, and the last one was a rental company, who became great clients and sent me $1,000’s of dollars in business. I put massive effort into that event and it helped to grow my business, but if I had put in even a little less effort it might have been a huge flop! It was months before I even knew it was a success, but I was too busy doing other projects to even dwell on it! THROW EVERYTHING AT IT, and KEEP GOING! 🙂

Another saying I love, and I wish I could remember who said it….. “How you do one thing, is how you do everything.” (I just looked, and it looks like a lot of people say it). You are either a person who fully commits and gives 110% or 10X’s effort or you probably aren’t.

So how does all of this gel with Self-care, work life balance etc…. “Success isn’t everything” “there’s more to life than money and success” we hear that stuff all the time right? Of course there is more to life than money! There’s family, and your family will be much more secure, comfortable and able to pursue their dreams with money. I was able to help my daughter go on a mission trip to Nicaragua for her spring break. She will be learning, helping children and earning college credits. There’s no way I would be able to do that without being successful, I’m able to give her opportunities that I didn’t have.

If you want to help people, lift other people up and live your life to the fullest, give it your all! In all areas. Your health and fitness, your relationships and your work. That is not selfish. I believe that it’s what we are here for.

When you do this, it’s not always going to be easy (at all). People will try to discourage you, it might be out of genuine concern for you, it might be jealousy, it might be that you are showing them what they aren’t doing, and nobody likes that. Put 10X’s the effort into connecting with people that are supportive, and going places! Your goals and dreams are in your heart for a reason, so please go all in. I hope that your business grows in the upcoming year, in ways that you never even thought possible!

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