Rescheduling massage clients, three tips to help build your business!

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Three Massage Client Rescheduling Tips for Massage and Spa Therapists

Rescheduling massage clients is a huge part of building your business and income. I hope these tips help!

1. Make sure your clients are absolutely comfortable in your massage space.

Clients often cite things that have nothing to do with their massage for the reason they don’t reschedule. Be sure to check the following: outside noise, comfort of table (sheets, blankets, head rest), temperature, cleanliness (especially the bathrooms!), have a nice area for their clothes and personal items, check out procedure, and your professional appearance. It’s a good idea to get feedback from a colleague and receive a massage in your own space as well.

2. Help to create realistic expectations, on the phone, during your consultation, and during their session.

Make sure your clients understand that massage isn’t a “quick fix” it may take several sessions to help a particular problem and regular massage to prevent problems. After all a back full of tension and knots didn’t get that way over night.

It’s also a good idea to mention self care, especially for the busy overworked moms to alleviate the mommy guilt!

3. Ask for it!!

Be sure you are asking you clients WHEN they would like to come back, give them a reason to do so and a couple of options. Give options for treatments, days and times that you think would be ideal for them. For example: if a client says weekly sessions are too expensive suggest thirty minutes every two weeks. Suggest a standing appointment if only certain days and times work for them so they don’t end up going somewhere else because your schedule is full.

Good luck with rescheduling  massage clients. I would love to hear your best tips in the comments below.

Have a wonderful and prosperous day! Gael

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