Setting BIG goals in your Massage Business and in Life

Setting BIG goals in your Massage Business and in Life

Why I set big goals!!

I always set BIG goals, I mean really BIG ones. Rarely have I ever actually reached any of them! My husband always asks me why I don’t just set more reasonable goals so I can reach them and feel successful. Well, I think I get much more accomplished this way.

1. Setting crazy huge goals is super motivating. If I say I want to sell 100 gift certificates in two weeks, and I only sell 50, I still make great money. From my experience if 50 was my goal, I would only sell 25. The higher your goal the more you will hustle!

2. When I set a crazy high goals, I take crazy amounts of ACTION! When I have a big goal my brain works over time thinking of more ways I can promote and get my stuff OUT THERE. A big goal will also motivate me to get up early or stay up taking action.

3. It’s FUN! I love dreaming and scheming all the possibilities, with my calculator and planner in hand. Of course I could just be a goal nerd……

4. Big goals keep me ACCOUNTABLE. I tell my family about them, or the peeps in my Facebook groups. I know I will be reporting back in, and the accountability makes me much more likely to follow through.

5. I straight up get more done. My first Ebook took me almost a year to write, now I set a crazy big goal and can get one done in 1-6 weeks. Talk about making stuff happen!

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  1. Penny King

    We all need to set a big goal to achieve it. The article is very, it gives me the strength to chase my dream. Thanks!

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