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Spa and Massage Phone and Booking Etiquette

As service professionals, we can often find ourselves having to deal with awkward questions and situations. Sometimes we just need to remember that many of the people who call in asking for a massage or spa treatment really don’t have any idea about what they should ask us; they may not have been for a massage or treatment before and could be nervous of sounding silly.

The number one rule for converting an inquiry into a booking is to put your caller at ease; that way they will trust you and be more likely to come to you for their treatment, even if they are calling around several spas or clinics to get prices and information.

Be friendly at all times. Even if your massage clinic or spa is bustling, the receptionist is having a lunch break and the last thing you want is to have to answer the call, be polite and treat every caller like they are important. First impressions will surely count so if you bark down the telephone in your very best annoyed voice, nobody is going to want to book a relaxing spa treatment from your establishment! Even if you’re feeling stressed, take a deep breath as you pick up the phone, smile and answer enthusiastically and politely. The caller might have been plucking up courage to inquire about a spa treatment for some time and if you sound welcoming from the get go, you’ll convert them straight away.

“How much do you charge?” – that’s the killer question isn’t it? If you have a price list available, offer to email or post it to them so that they can refer back to it after the call, as they might be calling several places. Make sure that you know what they are asking for – if they just want to know the cost of a massage, you know you’ll have to drill deeper and tell them that you offer several different types of massage therapy.

Don’t just ask the caller what type of massage they would like – they might not know and they might feel shy asking. Take your time to explain that your prices range from, for example, the lowest cost massage which could be your half-hour back, neck and shoulder to the highest which might be your aromatherapy hot stone massage that lasts for 90 minutes. Ask them what they are looking for from their massage; do they have specific health needs or do they just want to try something new? Make a recommendation or ask them what sounds good to them. Make absolutely sure that they understand what they are booking in for.

At the end of the call, try asking the caller if there’s any additional information they need, and offer to talk them through anything they aren’t sure about. You might also suggest that they stop by in person to see you, where you can give them more information and put them at ease with your charm!

If you can manage to encourage a potential client to visit, you can impress them with your spa/clinic and win them over with your personality and approach-ability. A little extra effort from the start can often lead to regular bookings so those few minutes can be worth your while.




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  1. Amazing blog! Thanks for sharing such a useful information on Booking etiquette.Definitely it’s important to handle the calls in a gentle manner.The ideas which is given to handle clients is awesome.

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