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Summer is a great time to create special services for your clients.

They will appreciate your thoughtful additions, and therapeutic benefits too!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Keep your room/office fresh and clean with a refreshing aromatherapy spray for your table and a room spray or uplifting diffuser blend. A light spritz will freshen things up between clients, as we well know, summer can be a bit stinky…..

2. Stop the stink! No one intends to come in and knock you over with the foot stink, but it happens to the best of us, wet sweaty Chacos, loafers with no socks, any shoes with no socks, and our favorite the “sorry I just came from the gym” clients….. This is the perfect time to offer a complimentary peppermint foot scrub or “hot towel treatment” with a little added essential oil body wash. Be careful because without the scrub or soap you can end up just steaming the foot odor with your hot towels and making it worse……. ask me how I know! 

3. Soothe those sore muscles with a muscle rub. Most of us overdo it at some point in the summer, maybe it’s trying to get the yard under control, or the eight mile hike that turns into sixteen (yes, Gael when you hike to the top of a mountain you DO have to hike back down) or that mud run you signed up for with your buddies one night after a few beers….. Adding a soothing muscle rub to your sessions, and even having some on hand for purchase will help your clients recover from their summer fun, and this is the perfect time to explain the benefits of regular sessions too!

4. Send home some bath salts or bath bombs, for relaxation, sore muscles, or just for fun your clients will appreciate you thinking of them and their home care. “Stretch, drink water, use these bath and come back for another massage next week”, so much better than doctors orders!

5. Respiratory relief, we all know the misery of a summer cold, or allergies preventing us from enjoying the fun and sun. Help your clients feel better with a “breath easy” blend or balm. 

6. A cooling soothing spritz can feel amazing if your client is overheated or having a hot flash! In the summer I like to remove the massage lotion from my clients back and finish with a relaxing and cooling hydrosol spray, even better if you can keep it in a cooler or mini fridge. 

7. Sunburn Relief body treatment. Of course we shouldn’t massage sun burned skin, and we don’t want our clients to cancel, so what can we do? Offer a sunburn relief treatment with an herbal after sun spray, and some relaxing massage on areas that aren’t sunburned, usually the scalp and feet. If a client has a SEVERE sunburn, I would have them wait a few days (at least) and refer them to their doctor.

8. Offer a refreshing summer botanical beverage! Wouldn’t it make you feel like a million bucks to leave a massage session with a delicious herbal tea, infused spa water or vitamin water (so much more fun than plain water)? It will make your clients feel like a million bucks too, and they will probably have to tell their friends how awesome “their” therapist is! 

9. Summer Scrubs, from foot scrubs for “flip flop feet” to a full body scrub to keep skin healthy and glowing, scrubs are inexpensive to offer (I do mine in about 40 minutes) and will give you both added income and a break from deep tissue massage. That’s what I call a win win. 

10. Take home gifts are  an inexpensive way to show your clients that you appreciate them and keep them thinking of you! Most of the products used in your summer specials can be packaged up for a thoughtful take home gift or retail product that your clients will love.

Try a few of these ideas this summer and as an added benefit, you’ll have a lot of news to share in your newsletters and social media too! People love to try what’s new, fun and exciting, and feeling like they received a VIP customized service. 

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