Ten Ways to Promote Customer Testimonials

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Customers are more empowered than ever – with reviews on Amazon and eBay as standard and review platforms like Feefo, TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp, customers now use reviews routinely to inform their buying decisions across the board.

Customers rely on reviews; 93%  say that they read reviews and 35% say that they need to see online reviews before trusting a brand. Testimonials are the way forward for the massage and spa industry; here’s how to use yours.

On Your Website 

You’d be surprised at the number of massage and spa businesses who don’t add customer testimonials to their websites. The easiest way to rectify this is to take a quote from their testimonial and just add it to your page, or possibly add a widget like the feefo review widget.

Verified reviews are even better; they reassure customers by filtering out spam or fake reviews – try G2.com and other similar review sites. Stick to reputable review sites to boost trust and confidence.

Create A Testimonial Page

If you have a lot of reviews and testimonials, why not dedicate a webpage to them? A testimonial page can really help to showcase your services and is a great way of attracting new customers.

Create Case Studies

The great thing about case studies is that is that you get to tell people how you helped a client and what you did. You can also prove that you go above-and-beyond. It can be added to a website, sent out in email or printed off in a brochure. You could even film a video testimonial and upload it to YouTube!

(Before writing a case study, make sure your customers are happy for you to use their name, and their testimonial.)

Print Materials

Print marketing materials often take a back seat to digital – but that doesn’t mean print campaigns are not effective. In fact, some marketing experts believe that print marketing creates a stronger emotional connection. A brochure is an ideal place to print a testimonial –  adding weight to your sales message.

Add It to Your Facebook Cover Photo

A cover photo is one of the first things a customer sees when they look at your profile – and according to statistics,  62% of consumers do just that when they want to find out more about local business.  How many of you have considered using a Facebook cover photo to showcase a success story? Actually, the more you think about it, the more obvious it is. Placing a powerful testimonial across the business Facebook cover is unique and will make an impact.

Use Social Media

Don’t just rely on Facebook reviews for content, take the best bits of your testimonials and make them into an image post on Canva. Get creative and use an eye-catching image that will attract attention. Make it stand out.

For Instagram, add good-quality photos to excellent testimonials, Facebook always needs memes and Twitter is great for conversational drop-ins…

Schedule An Email Marketing Sequences

Enhance your email marketing campaigns with relevant testimonials, and if you can, match testimonials to the main objection each email aims to overcome. So, if you are trying to sell a massage package that could be considered expensive, add a testimonial from a delighted client who says it was worth every penny.

Add It to Your Email Signature

You can add a testimonial in full to a newsletter, or you might prefer to chop the most impressive phrases out and add them at the end, as part of your signature. Showcasing customer testimonials and linking to them where you can may be a novel way to boost your business.

Use Video

One of the leading ways to convert customers is by using video content on a website landing page. If you can convince a few clients to review you on screen, you have a seriously powerful marketing took right there.

If you’re using video:

  • Keep it short! Definitely no longer than a minute.
  • High-quality video (with clear audio) 
  • Definitely don’t set them to  auto play. People hate it!

Add It to A Blog Post

Blog posts let you get more creative with your content and you can expand on the story, including a testimonial. If you can get a decent quality picture, or before and after shots that’s even better.

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