The importance of sending regular newsletters to massage and spa clients

The importance of sending regular newsletters to massage and spa clients

The importance of sending regular newsletters to clients

The Internet may have been with us a couple of decades now, but marketing has changed immensely since we first got to know our way around it. Online marketing, social media and email newsletters have made life so much quicker and easier for businesses, in health, beauty and wellbeing and otherwise.

Many businesses wouldn’t be where they are now without online communications. One of the fastest ways to get word out to your loyal bunch of clients about what you’re up to is with an email newsletter. They are incredibly easy to do, there’s plenty of free (and some paid for) software to help you design gorgeous, readable newsletters in, and what’s more they are very cost-effective as a marketing tool.

Email marketing has evolved over the past decade and is now much more sophisticated than years ago. It’s never been easier to create professional-looking branded messages, and if you use your newsletters well, you’ll find that you’re always top-of-mind with your clients – and always in their inbox with advice or a timely offer when they need you.

It’s not enough to just market on Facebook or other social media platforms any more. Facebook in particular is moving away from being a useful free marketing tool and leans towards paid ads from major brands or interesting content. By all means add updates and chat to clients on your business page, but don’t rely on it for getting business; most offers and promotions are overlooked by the Facebook algorithms and don’t even appear in your clients’ news feeds.

Another reason to use email newsletters and not rely on Facebook is that your Facebook business page is not yours. That’s right, it doesn’t ever belong to you and can be closed at any time if Facebook sees fit. Your e-newsletter is YOURS, as is your website.

Sending your clients an email newsletter gets your message straight into their inbox and allows you to target them, and their needs. You don’t have to rely on a ‘scattergun’ approach to marketing if you target people well. A general email with news and offers is great for updates, but if you get to grips with some of the more sophisticated functions of mailing list software (it’s not that hard, honest) you can use it to target specific segments of your mailing list with news and offers for skin care, massage, holistic or other aesthetic treatments.

We all know that client loyalty is great for a business, and what better way to keep your clients on your side than to let them know you’re thinking of them with regular updates on any services they may enjoy or offers they’ll appreciate? Don’t make it all about the hard sell though, offer hints and tips, answer frequently asked questions and give them a reason to want to open the email in the first place.

You can use your email newsletters to make a valuable connection with your clients – add personality, humor and let them get to know you better. It’s an old marketing adage but it’s very true; people buy from people. Show your clients the person you are as well as the therapist, let them feel like you care about them and their needs. You’ll be the first person they think of, either to return for more or recommend a friend.

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