The Three Biggest Business Blunders Massage Therapists Make Day 1!

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Today I want to share with you one of the top business blunders that I see massage therapists making. I’ll send the other two tomorrow and Wednesday, so check your inbox. 🙂

The first “business blunder” that I see MT’s making is treating your business like a hobby. A hobby is done generally in your spare or extra time. I know that a lot of us have to start part time and build, I totally get that, but a spare time business will be worked on inconsistently, and will have inconsistent results.

A business, has business hours. Yes, you pick them but once you do stick to it! Clients don’t want random availability, There’s a huge difference between part time and spare time! If you don’t have clients use that time to work on marketing, or getting your business systems set up.

A hobby has to be set aside for house chores, family obligations, and every little “fire” that needs to be put out!!

A business comes first. Yes, we all need family time, but it’s also ok to say no, especially to lunch dates, coffee dates, and other people’s problems.

A hobby is done for fun. A business can be fun, we can even really like it, but there will be un-fun, hard challenges and bad days too. With a hobby we can quit for the day and go watch netflix! With a business, we tough it out, figure it out, and keep ourselves aligned and on the road to our goal/destination.

Are you running a hobby or a business? I’ve been kicking my own butt in this department lately (and running massage businesses for the past 20 years), and I’d love to help you get aligned and on your way! If you are ready to start, or start planning your massage business The Massage Business Start Up 4 Week Intensive is the class for you!

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  1. Adele O'Connor

    Oh my goodness I am half way there but I am still not putting my business first and foremost. I make all client appointments first priority and do some half hearted marketing but in the majority down time whilst there are no fishes – my nets are unattended and I am focussed on all the other ‘projects’ in my life. I am aware and ready to make this business my first priority, take it seriously and grow!!

    Thanks for the awesome material Gael.

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