The Three Email Templates You Need for Your E-Newsletter

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Let’s talk about email marketing and sending newsletters out to your clients and list. I know you don’t really need another item added to your to-do list, but if you aren’t emailing regularly you are missing out of bookings and income. That is a fact. 🙂

The three templates that I think will help you to get your email marketing done consistently are:

Newsletter Template

This template will be useful for a weekly, biweekly or monthly newsletter. It could include areas for a personal message or business updates, like a new service or new staff member. An area for a longer educational article and/or some helpful selfcare tips. Finally you should have a reminder about booking ahead and your online booking link and contact information.

Availability Template

This template is a quick email you can send out each week highlighting some of your available appointments, and gently reminding your subscribers that they need a massage, facial or service. This template would include an image highlighting self care or regular treatments, an area to list your availability and your booking links. The best way to use this template is to make sure that it goes out every week. Your clients will soon  be expecting it as their reminder to get on your schedule.

Special Offers Template

This is a template that you can use to promote any holiday, or seasonal specials that you have. This template would include an image that coordinates with the holiday or season, an area to describe your specials and your booking and gift certificate sales links.

Once you have your templates set up, your email newsletters will take MUCH less time to design, making it easier to stay on schedule and in contact with your clients.

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