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 Today we are talking about upgrading your regular massage sessions to turn them into specialty spa massage services.

Spa services are a nice way to add variety to your day and off your clients unique and super relaxing therapeutic services.

I have found that clients will more often purchase spa services with a massage incorporated into it. Who wants to spend their hard earned money and not get a massage? Wraps or scrubs as standalone services are much less marketable.

One way to incorporate spa services into your sessions is with enhancements. These are short spa treats that can quickly be added to a session. They usually cost between $10 and $25. To do these you will need to have your supplies ready and easily accessible. For more information on spa enhancements check out my ebook HERE.

When Should You Offer Spa Enhancements?

Totally up to you, but here are some options:

  • when they book their appointment
  • during your consultation (if appropriate)
  • in your email confirmation
  • as a thank you for referrals
  • monthly and holiday specials

Here are some examples of longer spa services that include plenty of massage:

Example #1: Body exfoliation (dry brush 10 min.), with body wrap (shea butter, aromatherapy, or aloe wrap 10 min to wrap 25 min in wrap), head, neck and or face treatment while wrapped, and a full body massage (45 min.)  All done in 90 minutes!

This is a high value service. Body brush exfoliation $10-$20, wrap  $50-$70, face/scalp treatment $20-$30, massage $60-$80, total value $140 to $200.

Example #2 Hand and Foot scrub (10 min.), Hand and Foot paraffin wax treatment (5 min to apply then leave on). Pair this with head, neck, and shoulder massage along with an optional scalp/hair mask (45 min.).

You have another high value service! Scrubs $20-$30, paraffin wax $20-$30, massage $60-$80, scalp treatment $20-$30, total value $100 to $170

The income potential of these specialty services is easy to see. There’s retail income too, your clients will want to take home some of the products you use. They make great gift card specials too!

Coming up next week, we will be getting into details of offering prepaid packages of services, and some things to avoid if you decide to offer them Be sure to subscribe below so you don’t miss the next post in the series.

Have a great and prosperous day! Gael

What upgrades do your clients love? Let us know in the comments below!

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