What I Love About My Outcall Massage Biz

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I love my little massage housecall business, after years of operating busy storefront businesses I was ready for a change! Here’s why I love it:

  1. The low overhead! Once you have your regular clients, your overhead is basically gas money, new sheets every now and then, massage lotion and ad free pandora.
  2. The money. I don’t really charge “extra” because of the low overhead, and I still make pretty good money. 10 clients a week @ $70 minus $100 for overhead is $600 a week for part time work. I’m happy with that, and sometimes I even get tips!
  3. Freedom! I’ve owned therapeutic massage offices, and a day spa. There were things I really liked about it, but it gets hard to take time off and travel, plus those pesky bills… With a house call business I can work a few long days to get everyone massaged, and take off!
  4. My clients are awesome. They understand if my kid is sick, I understand if they need to reschedule. It always seems to work out.
  5. I no longer work weekends. Try that at a spa!
  6. If I want to make extra money, I have a few places that I help out, mostly bed & breakfasts. But, I don’t have to and that’s how I like it.

It takes TIME to build up clientele, and most people don’t give it enough time or do enough networking and marketing. If you do, you can build up a side biz and then quit your day job!

I have a whole class on how to do this. We go in depth with video lessons, checklists, and more. This course is designed to be taken over a four week period, however you get everything all at once so that you can work at your own pace.

  • Lesson 1 Intro and Overview
  • Lesson 2 Who needs/wants house-calls, and finding your ideal clients
  • Lesson 3 Your set up, supplies, paperwork, staying organized, tips and tricks!
  • Lesson 4 Arrival and set up, being in people’s home & personal spaces and professional boundaries
  • Lesson 5 Safety!
  • Lesson 6 Marketing and Promotions
  • Lesson 7 Chair/Onsite Massage and Special Events and putting it all together, taking action and getting started

Plus you get my Massage and Spa Marketing Ideas and Implementation Ebook as a bonus!

Get the class now >> https://massageandspasuccess.com/product/build-massage-outcall-business/

Build Your Massage Outcall Business Online Course

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  1. Christina

    That’s is awesome, wish I can do that. What is overhead?

  2. Christina

    That sounds awesome. What is overhead?

  3. Tammy

    Love your outlook and I’m 22 years in my practice and work part time and love the low overhead and the freedom.
    Thank you for sharing .

  4. Tonya

    Thank you very much for your kindness, caring and helpful serving nature Gael. I’ve been licensed less than a year and I was getting discouraged, clientele doesn’t come easy. I am putting myself out there promoting but I know now, I need to do more. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Erika

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I love housecall model. I have a few private clients, but they are all friends and friends of friends. I would like to expand but a bit nervous about advertising to the public. How do you screen the “strangers” ?

  6. April

    Gael what worked best for you when marketing for housecalls?

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