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Good Morning!

A blogger and mentor that I follow (Leonie Dawson) sends out an email every few months with updates from her life and business. I enjoy reading them and thought I would give it a try too! So, with hair dye on my head and an old dog snuggled up here we go…..

April and May have been very busy and exciting months with travel, recognition and new career opportunities.

Massage Magazine All-Star

In April I was featured in Massage Magazine (on the cover no less!) and they published another article of mine as well as an interview with me. About three years ago I contacted Massage Magazine to see if they might want me to write a blog post for them, it didn’t even occur to me that they might PRINT an article! The editor checked out my website and blog, set up a call and asked me to write my first print article and I’ve written for them regularly since then. You can check out my articles here.  I don’t get paid, but it has been a great investment of my time and energy. Today I’m sending in another article (look for it in August) and I have a call with them to discuss how we can continue to collaborate. All because I reached out in 2016!

A display with a copy of Massage Magazine, Gael featured on the cover as their All-Star

When you get that little voice or nudge or idea to do something please listen, take action and trust.

Phoenix: Family and Online Marketing Conference

Also in April I traveled to Phoenix Arizona to see my traveling hippie daughter (she lives in a van with her sweetie and they are seeing the country), and attend my first big “online marketing” conference.

I had a free ticket to the live event included with a course I had purchased, and my husband generously hooked me up with his business sky miles for plane ticket for myself and my son and a very fancy hotel in downtown Phoenix.

It was actually pretty out of my comfort zone to travel across the country alone, changing planes, getting taxis ect…. I’m a small town girl and when we travel, I usually just let my husband navigate things because he’s good at it and I can stay up in my head being ungrounded, lol!

The conference was amazing! 

Saguaro cactuses in the desert outside Phoenix, Arizona

It was something else to be surrounded by hundreds of truly heartfelt entrepreneurs that are creating courses and products that they believe will change peoples lives, and creating the lives of their dreams. . There was a woman from Zimbabwe, who is teaching women there to be virtual assistants and breaking the cycle of poverty and domestic abuse, people helping others become better parents, help for children with autism. The event also raised $120,000 to build a school in rural Africa. Overall I can’t say I learned a lot of new information but I was very inspired, and reaffirmed my belief that entrepreneurship is the vehicle to lasting change in our world.

I loved Phoenix! It was warm, people were friendly, and my kids got to spend time together at the water park, science museum and a professional baseball game. This trip was all planned last minute, because I decided just to look into ticket prices, and see if my daughter could join us. Everything just fell into place! BTW I’m never booking a 5am flight again, I’m way to old for that!!

Florida Family Time

My son

Next it was off to one of my favorite places Saint Augustine Florida for spring break with my son and cousins. I won’t bore you with all the details but I did get the opportunity to visit the Massage Magazine offices and meet some of the great people there. My son has decided that he either wants to be a dolphin trainer or work at a magazine when he grows up. If I had been aware that dolphin training was a thing, I may have made some different life choices myself!

The World Massage Festival

Next, it was time for The World Massage Festival! I had one week to get ready. This event for me is all about meeting people and networking! Honestly, I was tired, but I was being inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame, and I couldn’t miss that…. It was an honor to be included in this group of massage leaders, many of whom I have looked up to and admired for many years. It was also my first time on a stage speaking into a microphone, which I did not realize was a part of this! I made some new connections, and need to get going on following up with everyone that I spoke to! If you haven’t attended a festival, it’s a great way to get your CE credits, meet therapists & vendors from all over the world and have a lot of fun! You can learn more here.  My vendor hall neighbors were the sweet ladies from Perfect Pockets plus and baby Faith, so that was a real blessing. Check out their site for custom massage holsters and therapy packs.

It was great to meet so many of my members from the Content Clubs and Masterminds, and hear how much people use and love the content clubs.

In general people who are happy just stay on as members and do their thing, so we hear more from people that are having problems. It’s always nice to be appreciated!

My husband and son drove three hours each way to be at the Hall of Fame presentation, so that was very special too! Boy do I wish I had packed some hair styling tools for this trip! 😉

My World Massage Hall of Fame plaque

Feng Shui

I’m finishing up my studies to be a Feng Shui consultant, and submitting my final case studies this week. I worked on the courses over the winter and have been slowly getting my case studies finished. I’ve been interested in Feng Shui for almost 20 years and I’m excited to add this to my skill set. I’m thankful to be in a place where I have time to explore my interests. For those of you with small children at home, hang in there!

I’ve rented a small office on main street here in Boone NC that will be the future home of my new business venture! I’m really not ready for it, but I knew this place would not be available for long! Isn’t it charming?? Needs quite a bit of work, but I do like to stay busy!

Moving forward,

I’m planning to focus on the Content Clubs to keep adding more great content and value, some live CE classes here in NC with my friend Zan Valliant (pictured here on the right), Feng Shui and maybe a summit or two. 🙂

We’ve been working hard this week to get Father’s Day and Summer marketing content ready to go! So, that’s the good news and updates!

Screenshots of posts showing behind the scenes process of creating the Content Clubs

Just so you don’t think it’s all sunshine, magazine covers and fun trips around here….

I have regular meltdowns because I pile too much on my plate, I really need more self care, my washing machine is broken and needs a new transmission (which means since the world massage festival, I’ve made multiple laundromat trips!), my cat brings in dead birds, every Monday I clean all day, my son hates school….. we have our health struggles, and aging parent issues that are part of life too.

I don’t do all of this alone either I have an almost full time VA, webmaster, and my daughter does my regular social media posts. I’m so grateful and blessed to have their help, although it does add another layer of stress when you have payroll.

Let me know what you think of this type of update! I may do one every month or two, take what you need and leave the rest, keep going and be blessed.

<3 Gael

PS: I can’t leave out THE HOODIE that carries cats! My son saw this on Amazon and he bought it with his own money, he even wore it to school, he loves it. My mama heart pounded all day worrying about him wearing that cat hoodie to school, he’s such a sweet guy, but he is a rock climber, was on the wrestling team and he can hold his own. I guess it was ok because he wore it again today…. said he could hide books in it. He gets in trouble for reading at school just like his MOTHER… He also purposefully gets in trouble to get silent lunch so he can read in peace, and I think that’s pretty smart. 🙂

My son, in red hoodie, carrying cat

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