Why You Should Keep Marketing Your Business – Even While You’re Closed

It may feel as if the world has gone a little crazy right now, and that there’s no point in marketing your spa or massage business because you have no services to offer.

While you might not be able to invite clients in for their favorite treatments at the moment, don’t make the mistake of disappearing and then expect people to remember you. Your core, loyal clients might be clamoring for an appointment once the restrictions have been lifted, but others might go elsewhere.

Online is where it’s at…

We all have plenty of time on our hands, and where are your clients spending much of it? Online. You want to be the place that’s grabbing their attention and keeping them entertained during these troubled times.

Supporting your clients

Your spa or massage business may be closed, but it’s never been more vital that you keep up regular and consistent contact with your clients. You want to make sure that it’s you and not your competitors they flock to when you reopen.

Remember that what might have been intended as a feel-good post on social media today may not be the right thing tomorrow – think carefully about the messages you’re communicating. Staying positive is important, of course, and focus on building up the trust and connection between you and your clients. If you choose to make a special offer for gift certificates or pre-paid services keep it light and low key. People are aware that small businesses may be struggling and the right offer can be a win-win, but it’s not the time for overdoing the sales activities.

Find out your strengths and weaknesses

While you (and your clients) have spare time, why not try and recruit them into helping you fine tune your business and what you offer? Make it easy to do; there are templates available on websites such as 123 Form Builder with a list of questions and a customizable template that you can use to suit your business.

You can also email people with a list of open questions like:

  • What do you love most about us?
  • What could we do to make your experience even better?
  • How do you find our booking process?
  • How do you think we could improve it?
  • How did you first learn about us?
  • What would you like to see posts from us about on social media?
  • How could we make our website better for you?

Use the replies to help with future marketing and communications – and be sure to thank everyone for their help. To encourage people to take part you could also offer a gift card to be redeemed when you open for one person, chosen at random.

Keep yourself in mind

Make sure that people know you are closed but still around. Make it clear on your website homepage that you are closed, and if things change, update it immediately. Do the same for Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. As soon as you know when you’re reopening change the notice and encourage bookings.

Don’t forget to update any online booking systems too, especially as things start to return to normal after the coronavirus crisis.

Update your website

Now’s the time to do the jobs you’ve been putting off on your website and make sure it represents your business properly.

  • Check blogs and any other pages for outdated content – and remove it.
  • Go through and check all of the links – make sure that they still work and that all information they link to is up to date.
  • Add new content – think about how to maintain your skincare routines at home, DIY beauty and nail care advice, stress reductio techniques, healthy living.
  • Add any new client testimonials, reviews and before/after pictures you’ve been meaning to add.

Keeping your website up to date will also keep your business higher up in the Google rankings. Don’t neglect it and let your website disappear to the next page on Google…

Keep in touch so clients don’t think you’ve gone anywhere!

Email marketing is an ideal way to keep talking to your clients while you’re closed. They will be getting emails from just about everyone they’ve ever signed up to at the moment so don’t overdo it, but if done properly it can be one of the most valuable marketing tools you have.

Send out helpful tips, little friendly updates and as soon as you have news about reopening, your opening date with any offers. Don’t bombard clients; once a week week keeps you in mind without the risk of overkill.

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