Why Your Massage Or Spa Website Needs A Blog!

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Writing your blog might just seem like one more task for you to have to think about – but a blog is a useful marketing tool, and a really good blog will work wonders for your skincare or massage business. Here’s why.

In terms of massage and skincare business marketing, blogs aren’t just an extra page for your website, they are absolutely vital to your marketing plan, even if you think that you can manage without one.

Why does your massage or spa business need a good quality blog?

According to recent figures, business that invest their time and/or cash into creating and maintaining a good blog achieve 67 per cent more leads per month than companies who ignore blogs completely. It’s a very impressive number to think about – what could you do with the income generated from 67 per cent more potential clients? The good news is that it just takes a little effort, either to write your own blog posts, or to outsource the work to another professional.

What should you put on a business blog?

Not special offers or discounts! Tempting although it is, your blog isn’t a place to post the details of all your latest offers or entice people in with money off coupons. It’s somewhere people will look for inspiration, useful information and to be entertained. Try putting out a sell, sell, sell blog every week and you won’t get people to subscribe. The blog space is where  you write informative, interesting posts that your clients and potential clients love, and which demonstrate that you know your stuff when it comes to skincare or massage therapy.

Use the space to showcase your personality, find out what matters to your clients when they visit you and post about those, too. What are the questions that come up a lot? You can help to build up your brand’s reputation by giving people useful information. Give your clients tips on health and beauty, ideas for gifts and relaxation techniques. Tell them WHY they need your services – whether it’s for skincare or massage.

Blog posts increase long term traffic to your website

If you produce regular content that people find useful, you should also get traction from shares on social media – remember to include the social share buttons on your blog to make this easier for people to do with one click. Search engines will start to recognise you too – regular blog posts can lead to higher rankings in Google and other search engines, which will move you to the top of the list when people are searching for the services you offer.

Keeping your content regularly posted and a blog updated will improve your search results, meaning more people see you, and what you do, and will eventually book with you.

Whatever you do, make it regular, useful and give it some of your unique personality. Although you won’t see results straight away from a blog, as you carry on blogging and people start to get to know you, you should begin to notice that upward swing and the effort will pay off.

Are you ready to start blogging?

The Massage and Spa Marketing Content Clubs can help with done-for you blog articles, images, links to share, recipes and more to make coming up with content and ideas so much easier.

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