Write your goals and grow your massage business!

Write your goals and grow your massage business!

We have exactly two months left in 2016, and that’s plenty of time to reach your goals, or just get started on them. Why wait until 2017, when you can start today.
Here are some of THE most powerful things you can do to move yourself in the direction of your dreams:

1. Get clear on what you want by WRITING it down daily. Write your goals down as if they are already done, here, manifested. It’s very hard to go somewhere if you don’t know where you are going!! You will be planting the seeds in your mind. When you write down your goals, your mind will start solving problems and looking for opportunities. Your world will change.

2. Create ideas. Ultimately to go anywhere, we start with an idea. From a spaghetti dinner to making $$ it all starts with the idea! Practice generating ideas. I like lists of 10, 10 ways to increase my income today, 10 Christmas Party themes, 10 ways to sell my house ect….. In order to come up with ideas that are good and that work, you need a lot of ideas, because a lot of ideas don’t work!!

3. Take action! Whether it’s the exact right thing to do DOES NOT MATTER, because either it will work or you will learn valuable lessons that will take you far. Take action by reading and learning new things everyday. Take action by questioning your ideas and beliefs about what is possible. Take action by recognizing your excuses and telling them where to go!!


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